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Shine Bright, Travel Light
Illuminova - Compact Illumination for all of Life's Adventures
<b style=""><font color="#ff343f">Shine Bright,</font><font color="#b1f041">&nbsp;</font><font color="#ffffff">Travel Light</font></b>
  • Pocket-Sized Powerhouse: Remarkably compact yet powerful.
  • Reliable and Resilient: Features water-resistance and a sturdy build.
  • Extended Lifespan: Equipped with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery.
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With Illuminova, We Redefined The World of  Portable Lighting.

The most compact flashlight that can be carried anywhere and light up anything, regardless of whether you are in a power outage, embarking on a camping adventure, or even just going for a stroll.



Multiple Modes

Multiple Modes

Long Lasting Battery

Long Lasting Battery



Control Your Glow.Control Your Glow.
Control Your Glow.

Each Illuminova flashlight comes with adjustable brightness levels and a strobe mode. Whether you need a powerful beam to light up a dark path or a low light for subtle glow, you can easily switch to your desired setting at a moment's notice.

Brave the Elements.
Brave the Elements.

Illuminova's design is more than just compact and convenient - it's also water-resistant. Whether you're caught in a rainstorm or using it near the lake on your camping trip, its IPX4 rating ensures your flashlight can withstand splashes from any direction.

A Powerhouse in your Pocket.
A Powerhouse in your Pocket.

The Illuminova flashlight not only provides bright, efficient lighting but also comes with an impressive battery life. The USB-C rechargeable battery will keep your flashlight burning all night!

Illuminova is the Leader 
in Powerful, Efficient, and Compact Flashlights

Optimized for Adventure
Elevate your outdoor experiences with the power of Illuminova. Its compact design and impressive brightness make it a trusted companion for your camping trips, hiking adventures, and nighttime explorations.

The sturdy construction ensures durability, while the water-resistant feature allows it to brave the elements alongside you. The long-lasting battery life promises reliability, ensuring you're never left in the dark, even in the most remote locations.

Style Meets Functionality

The Illuminova flashlight doesn't just perform well - it looks good too. Its sleek design and smooth finish make it a stylish accessory that's ready to shine at a moment's notice.

While its compact size allows it to easily fit into any pocket or purse, its powerful light and adjustable brightness settings are sure to make a big impact. Beyond its looks, Illuminova's intuitive controls make it easy to switch between modes, ensuring style never compromises functionality.

Perfect for Everyday Living

Illuminova is your perfect tool for everyday life. Whether it's for finding your way during a power outage, illuminating a dimly lit pathway, or simply needing a light during a late-night car repair, it's always ready to help.

Its robust design and impressive battery life make it reliable for everyday use, while the adjustable brightness and strobe mode make it versatile for a variety of situations. With Illuminova, light is always at your fingertips.

More Cutting Edge Features!
  • Ultra-Bright Illumination
    Experience a powerful beam of light, thanks to the cutting-edge LED technology delivering unparalleled brightness.
  • Compact and Portable Design
    Illuminova's sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry, fitting seamlessly into your pocket or bag.
  • Water and Impact Resistant
    IPX4 rating ensures that your Illuminova flashlight can withstand heavy rain and accidental drops, making it an ideal outdoor companion.
  • Extensive Battery Life
    The efficient power management system ensures a battery life of up to 120 hours, providing reliable illumination whenever you need it.
  • Adjustable Brightness and Modes
    Select your preferred brightness setting or switch to strobe or SOS mode with the easy-to-use, intuitive controls.
  • Sleek and Modern Look
    Illuminova's polished design and smooth finish offer a stylish edge to your everyday gear.
  • Built-In USB-C Charging
    Effortless charging with a USB-C port, compatible with your laptop, power bank, and other devices.
  • Energy-Efficient LED Technology
    Consume less power while producing more light, thanks to the advanced LED technology implemented in Illuminova.
  • Precision Engineered Optics
    The custom-designed optics provide a focused, high-intensity beam, making Illuminova a perfect tool for navigating the dark.
  • Magnetic End Cap
    The magnetized end cap allows you to attach Illuminova to any metal surface, providing hands-free light when you need it most.

Customer reviews

Discover Why 12 K + Customers Love the Illuminova
Customer reviews

Verified Reviews


Brian D. - Kansas

I recently had to travel to a country area. The Illuminova flashlight was Great. Small enough to fit in my pocket, but strong enough to light up the surrounding forest. I had to walk at night through unlit areas between the house and the granny flat where I was sleeping. It was FANTASTIC. I recently purchased a second one for my wife. Love it.

Mary L. - Florida

What a flashlight!!! Bought 3 of these! so bright so handy so small. I remember having a 600mm long mag-lite with 4 big sizeD batteries that wouldn’t even be comparable to these absolute gems!! Cant wait to shock people with these

Mark R. - California

Super bright and attached to my keyring, thanks Illuminova!


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How do you charge the Illuminova flashlight?
All flashlights come with a USB-C charging cable. A power adaptor is required, otherwise you can use the provided USB-C cable on your computer or other charging devices.
How long does the battery last?
The device has a 350 mAh battery with a max runtime that depends on the light mode operation. On its lowest setting, the flashlight will last for around 40 hours. When it’s not being used, the device will keep its charge for at least 6 months approximately.
Do you have to replace batteries?
No, the batteries are built into the Illuminova device and are engineered to withstand the LED lifespan of 50,000+ hours!
How far does the flashlight reach?
They can reach up to 125 Meters / 410 Feet in length.
Are there different functions on the Illuminova flashlights?
Yes, the mode functions are:

Momentary ON - Press and hold on (High), release to turn off.
Constant ON - Double click on (memorized mode)
Switch mode - Single Click on to cycle thru low / med / high / ultra
Turn Off - Press and hold for 0.3 seconds.
My flashlight gets warm/hot. Is this normal?
The lens on the Illuminova flashlight will get warm when used on ultra-brightness mode. Our flashlights are small form factor flashlights that don't have any advanced cooling system etc. This is normal and by design.
What countries do you ship to?
Currently the United States and Canada, with more to come!

Shine Bright Travel Light

Illuminova - Compact Illumination for all of Life's Adventures


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